Student Paper Competition

Important Guidelines for SPC presenters

A. SPC session format:

  • Each student will have 20 minutes allocated.
  • Use 15-16 minutes to present your slides.
  • Leave 4-5 minutes for questions from the IEEE GRSS Symposium Award Committee.
  • Audience is not allowed to ask questions in the SPC sessions.

B. The first author (i.e., the finalist student) is required to register and participate to the symposium, personally present the paper.

  • Be sure you register to the conference according to deadlines on the IGARSS website;
  • Improve the manuscript and submit final version according to deadlines on the IGARSS website.

C. Once the technical program is available online, you will see the scheduled slot for your presentation.

The Symposium Award Committee will select three winners based on the oral presentation and Q&A.

The first place will receive the Mikio Takagi Student Prize, the second and the third places will receive Student Prize Paper Awards. Details can be found at

It is a well-established tradition of the GRS Society to confer the SPC awards during the IGARSS banquet. Finalists are invited to attend the Award Banquet.