Three Minute Thesis

3MT Finalist

3MT®, initiated by the University of Queensland, is an academic competition designed to enhance students' presentation and research communication skills. It challenges them to succinctly present their thesis to a non-specialist audience within three minutes using just one static slide.

We warmly invite you to join us for the live presentations of ten outstanding finalists.

Additionally, as an audience member, your opinion counts. After the presentations, you will have the chance to vote for the "People's Choice Award," choosing your favorite from the talented finalists.

The esteemed judges will evaluate the presentations based on the official 3MT competition rules and select the top three winners, who will be announced during the IGARSS Awards banquet.

We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event. Enjoy the competition and make your voice heard!

Date: Wednesday, 10 July, 14:40 -16:20

Location: Lecture Hall, Megaron Athens International Conference Centre


1. Xie Tian
Topic: “Estimating the leaf area of urban individual trees from single-scan terrestrial laser scanner based on slant leaf area”
Beijing Normal University, China
2. Danwei LU
Topic: “Integrating Prior Knowledge with AI: Diffusion-based SAR Despeckling”
Tsinghua University, China
3. Yuta Otsuka
Topic: “Estimating accurate elevation through hypercomplex Fourier processing”
The University of Tokyo, Japan
4. Abesh Ghosh
Topic: “Forest vegetation optical depth mapping using GNSS signals”
University of Georgia, USA
5. Preethi Konkathi
Topic: “Can satellites measure soil moisture and vegetation water content?”
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
6. Priyanka Rao
University of Bologna, Italy
7. Narges Takhtkeshha
Topic: “Towards Automatic and Single-Data Source 3D Mapping Using Multispectral LiDAR Data”
Technical University Wein, Austria
8. Florencio Campomanes V
Topic: “Empowering the Unseen: Data-Centric AI for Global Slum Mapping”
University of Twente, Netherlands
9. Sam Hall
Topic: “Semantic Communication for Space-to-Ground data reduction”
Swinburne University, Australia
10. Diya Das
Topic: “Mirage to Monsoon: Satellite Revelations of Rain in Drylands”
Texas Tech University, USA

Call for Submissions

Submissions Closed

We're thrilled to extend an invitation to research-based master's or doctoral students attending IGARSS 2024 to take part in the Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT™). This esteemed academic challenge, pioneered by the University of Queensland, aims to refine students’ research communication and presentation abilities by summarizing their thesis in just three minutes to a general audience, aided by a single static slide.

To enter, simply upload a 3-minute video detailing your research and thesis topic to a platform like YouTube or TikTok or provide a private URL accessible only to the evaluation committee. Your video will undergo initial evaluation, focusing on presentation skills (40%), scientific quality (40%), and the originality of the topic presented (20%).

The top 10 submissions will advance to the final round, held in person during IGARSS 2024. Three winners will be chosen by the judging panelists in accordance with the competition rules, receiving cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200, respectively, along with "IEEE GRSS Excellence in Technical Communication Student Prize Award" certificates.

Excitingly, we're implementing an audience voting system for the final round. This empowers the audience to vote for their favorite presentation, with the participant receiving the most votes being honored with the People's Choice Award.

For the initial phase, please submit your videos by May 15, 2024, via . Should you have any inquiries about the competition, please contact us at

Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity; it's your chance to showcase your communication skills and share your research with a broader audience. We eagerly anticipate your submissions!

Timeline of the competition

By May 15, 2024: Submit a 3-minute video for the first stage of the competition.

June 15, 2024: First round outcome: Top 10 submissions are invited to the final round.

July 12, 2024: 3MT™ competition final round and announcement of the winners at the IGARSS banquet on Wednesday, 12 July 2024, at the Zappeion Megaron.